Propel Women Activate 2018
Nov 10, 2018
Grace Church Houston
Houston, TX
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Dianna Nepstad is one of those vibrant women who you meet and immediately want to be friends with, filled with joy and wisdom. She pastors an incredibly diverse, multi-cultural church outside of San Francisco alongside her husband, Shaun Nepstad and their four daughters. She is a communicator of biblical truth and has a great understanding of what it means to have prophetic insight in the seven realms of influence, to be a culture shaper and a community leader with her unique skill set. Dianna still makes sure she pursues her other passions, which include homeschooling her 4 daughters, leading female leadership workshops through PROPEL and creative outlets of music & design. She carries a transparency and honesty which she graciously chose to share openly. Dianna is a great example that reminds us that our backgrounds all look incredibly different, but the path that God has for us within His Church is full of redemption and grace.

Fun Facts:
Some interesting fun facts about Dianna is in high school her nickname was “D.” She was a former coffee lover but now instead enjoys Earl Grey lattes with almond milk no sugar. If she were to do something risky she would travel thru France by herself and survive from the little bit of French she knows. She one day hopes to master the sewing machine because using one is not her strongest suit. Her favorite go to comfort food is quesadillas which pairs well with her favorite T.V. series Designated Survivor and The Man in the High Castle. One of the most memorable things she's done for someone else was pick up a young homeless young mom with a toddler, brought her back to her house and let them get washed up. Dianna grew up with three sisters and one brother who are loud, funny and crazy. Her husband Shaun Nepstad is the one person who knows her best and 10 Years from now she believes she will say to herself, “You’ve chosen well.”