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Jenny Jennings is an actress and stand up comedian out of Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately she grew up with a mullet and a thick southern accent, so it’s obvious why she has an innate sense of humor. Jenny received a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism at the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) and will be paying off student loans until she is walking through the pearly gates of Heaven. She can be seen performing in comedy venues across the country and is a weekend regular at the world-famous Laughing Skull Lounge comedy club. 

You may recognize her from the role she played as Molly in John Crist’s viral “Church Hunters” video. She is currently working on an upcoming episode playing the role of Tracy in the television series “Your Worst Nightmare” that will be airing in December. 

You can follow her into any pizza place and share a pepperoni and jalapeño pizza with her! Or just follow her on Instagram: @_jennyjennings