- compiled by Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director

 Below is one story from speaker Nick Hall after Winter Jam - Cedar Park (Austin), TX:

In Austin, TX two teenagers (siblings named Caleb and Sierra) were in a car accident on their way to WJ and both died...

The Winter Jam Report! #7

God is moving at Winter Jam every weekend!


Here is a recap of what God did!


Thursday, February 16th

Council Bluffs, IA/Mid America Center


The Winter Jam Report! #6

 - by Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director

Winter Jam continues to be incredible each weekend!

 Here is a recap of what God did!

 Thursday, February 9th

Augusta, Georgia/James Brown Arena...

The 4thirty1 conference is a content-driven event for youth who are passionate about living for Jesus. "Life in 3-D" is the theme. There are three goals; youth will learn to:

Know Christ Intimately!

Stand on God's Word with Authority!

Share Christ Passionately...

The Winter Jam Report! #5

 - from Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director 

We experienced another unbelievable Winter Jam weekend and I was able to be a part of one of the biggest Winter Jam nights in history in Greensboro on Saturday.

I saw parts of the show...

The Winter Jam Report! #4

From Nick Hall, speaker at Winter Jam:

A 17 year old girl this weekend (identity removed for privacy) came up to me afterwards.  "I have been abused my whole life and always hated myself and been into...

Winter Jam is bringing revival across America!

  - by Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director

Here is a recap of what God did!


Friday, Jan. 20th 

Des Moines, IA / Wells Fargo Arena

Attendance: 11,885...

With stops this weekend at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA; Family Arena in St. Charles, MO and Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN, Winter Jam is in full swing!

We are praying for everyone involved in this great tour - from the artists and technical crew to the event...

The Winter Jam Report! #2

 From Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director:

Well, once again we had an incredible Winter Jam weekend!

 Here is a recap of what God did!

 Thursday, Jan. 12th

Orlando, FL / UCF Arena


Venturing onto another continent, Premier Productions is promoting the unique Jesus Culture conference and worship experience. There are several events planned for the spring in South Africa. Check out all the information on the event pages and at the Jesus...