The Winter Jam Report! #4

From Nick Hall, speaker at Winter Jam:

A 17 year old girl this weekend (identity removed for privacy) came up to me afterwards.  "I have been abused my whole life and always hated myself and been into cutting and suicidal thoughts.  Tonight for the first time I felt God's love and received Jesus into my life.  (then pointing to her clinched fist) I have been wearing this around my neck for years as a reminder of how worthless I am but I don't want to wear it anymore.  I want to see myself the way God sees me from now on.  Will you take it?"  I opened my hand to receive a razor blade on a chain.  We prayed together, got her a Gospel of John and made sure she was connected to a local church group.  After this experience, I have been using the story in my message and many more students who are involved in cutting are coming up to me after the programs to say how God is delivering them!!!


Here is a recap of what else God did at Winter Jam last weekend:

God is moving every weekend at Winter Jam! This is an experience you don’t want to miss!

 Thursday, Jan. 26th 

Reading, PA / The Sovereign Center

Attendance: 6,736

Decisions:  1,250

Reset Books: 1,200
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show:  WORD FM, K-LOVE, Lift FM and WGRC


Friday, Jan. 27th

University Park / State College, PA-Penn State / Bryce Jordan Center

Attendance:  13,070

Decisions:  6,000. First Time: 445

Reset Books: 1,200
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show:  Rev. FM, WGRC, K-LOVE and Family Life Radio


Saturday, Jan. 28th

Columbus, OH / Schottenstein Center

Attendance: 18,741

Decisions:  3,800. First Time: 950
Reset Books: 1,000
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: The River, Radio U, WNZR and WGGN


Sunday, Jan. 29th

Columbus, OH / The Wolstein Center

Attendance:  13,249

Decisions: 4,050. First Time: 810 
Reset Books: 900
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: Thy Word Network, K-LOVE, Spirit 95, WIKY and The Vine

Additional Ministry Notes from Weekend #4! (Courtesy of Nick Hall):

Each night, our PULSE team has stayed at our table until near closing as people line up to receive Gospels of John, prayer, or share their stories.  Here are a few testimonies from the weekend:

If people want pictures and some more testimonies, I am trying to put a few up every night on my facebook page (http://www.nickhallpulse).  We also have many stories posted on our website (


University Park /  State College-Penn State, PA:

At Penn State, the program was extra meaningful as just the night before the arena had been packed for Joe Patterno's memorial service.  After meeting with students and campus ministry leaders throughout the day, we had a feeling for how broken and "in mourning" the campus was.  Many of the tour members went to visit his memorial across the street and we prayed for a special move of God's power and healing.  That night I changed my message to talk about death and the fact that we all need Jesus.  God moved and nearly half the room stood to respond to the Gospel.  Even the sound guys said, "It's hard to tell how many people stood up... it seemed like the whole room!"  I had dozens of messages afterwards from Penn State faithful praising God for what happened.

Reading, PA:
Joe – A 17 year old high school athlete approached me in Reading, PA.  He said, "Tonight you got to me Nick.  I have gone to a private school my whole life, but never really been involved in the church.  Tonight for the first time I gave my life to Jesus."

Danielle - 16 years old.  "This weekend at Winter Jam you got my boyfriend to give his heart to the Lord:) I also have changed for the better."


Cleveland, OH:
Jayme - I went to Winter Jam the first time last night in Cleveland and it really changed my life :D Thanks sooo much!

“These are the days of revival and we need to keep going!”

On Mission,

Nick Hall

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  - compiled by Shannon Habas

Media Relations Director

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