compiled by Shannon Habas, Media Relations Director

The Winter Jam Report! #10

 This weekend we crossed the 100,000 mark for people who have responded to the Gospel!!!

God keeps moving!  Tell the people to keep praying and spreading the word.


Here is a recap of what God did!

 Friday, March 9th

Columbia, SC /Colonial Life Arena

Attendance: 14,684

Decisions: 4,067 First Time: 1,017

Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,000
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: 89.7 WMHK, B106.7, 107.5 The Game, Rock 93, WQXL, WACH Fox and WIS TV.


Saturday, March 10th

Lexington, KY/ Rupp Arena

Attendance: 12,451

Decisions: 3,610 First Time: 758
Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,300
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show:

K-LOVE, WAY FM, HopeRadioOnline and 90.7 The Wind


Sunday, March 11th 

Nashville, TN/ Bridgestone Arena 

Attendance: 15,355

Decisions: 2,917 First Time: 510
Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,300
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: WAY FM and The Fish


Additional Ministry Notes from Weekend #10! (Courtesy of Nick Hall):


If people want pictures and some more testimonies, I am trying to put a few up every night on my facebook page (http://www.nickhallpulse).  We also have many stories posted on our website (

In Lexington, I met a girl named Alexandria.  She had come for her 2nd WJ and this time had brought friends because she was so profoundly impacted in Evansville, IN.  The week of that show she had tried to commit suicide and her grandmother found her on the floor of her bathroom.  She came to WJ and God got a hold of her life in a powerful way.  She was smiling from ear to ear and said, "Nick, you would not even believe I am the same person I was just a few weeks back.  I was hopeless and now I have hope in Jesus."  We are helping her get connected to a local church.

Messages from Facebook & Twitter:

Thank you so much for those inspiring words at WJ, when I stood for God & accepted him into my life, it was amazing.  - Hannah

Hey Nick, your message was amazing today. You had my friend in tears and she accepted God into her heart tonight!  - Jake

Had a great time at Winter Jam. Nick, you changed my whole perspective about everything.  - Jasmine

I was amazed at how many people took the STAND last night at WinterJam with you Nick. Even better - I was one of them!  - Christine

I have accepted Jesus Christ !!! I'm so exited to see what He has planned for me !!!!  - Bailey

I really enjoyed your salvation message is innovative and thought provoking. Be blessed -Carl

Awesome!!!! God has blessed all of you with great talents to reach people... Especially youth ... I will continue to pray for Winter Jam and yall's continued influence.  -Daphne

Great night in Lexington, KY. Thanks to you and all of the WinterJam artists for the amazing worship and sharing God's love.  - Bill

Enjoyed the show. First time to ever go to Winter Jam and I will most definitely be back next year. Great speaking, it really touched me and a lot of others last night. (: Thank you all for coming out and speaking the word of God to Nashville and many other places.  - Kat


Hi .... I wish I could go back to Winter Jam just one more night. I can’t wait until next year. I am praying for many many people!! I’m also praying for all the people at Winter Jam I hope you will tell them I said that :) Thank You - Lezlee


“These are the days of revival and we need to keep going!”

On Mission,

Nick Hall


Winter Jam weekend #11, we will roll in to Norfolk, VA, Knoxville, TN, Cincinnati, OH and Peoria, IL!  Are you guys ready for us!? Let's hear you guys raise the roof!