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The Winter Jam Report! #11


Winter Jam is still rockin’ and God is still movin’!

Here is a recap of what God did!


Thursday, March 15th

Norfolk, VA / Scope Arena

Attendance: 4,645

Decisions: 1,598 First Time: 527

Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,000
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: The Current & K-LOVE


Friday, March 16th 

Knoxville, TN /Thompson-Boling Arena

Attendance: 16,067

Decisions: 5,503 First Time: 1,170

Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,700
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: K-LOVE and South Central Communications.


Saturday, March 17th

Cincinnati, OH/ U.S. Bank Arena

Attendance: 13,387

Decisions: 3,882 First Time: 1,048
Reset Gospel of John Books: 2,020
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show:

Star 93, WFCK, K-LOVE, Air 1 and Spirit 95


Sunday, March 18th  

Peoria, IL / Peoria Civic Center 

Attendance: 8,807

Decisions: 5,196 First Time: 1,559

Reset Gospel of John Books: 1,500
Thank you to the following radio stations for supporting this show: WCIC, K-LOVE and Shine.FM


Additional Ministry Notes from Weekend #11! (Courtesy of Nick Hall):


If people want pictures and some more testimonies, I am trying to put a few up every night on my facebook page (http://www.nickhallpulse).  We also have many stories posted on our website (

Messages from Facebook & Twitter:

You helped me through a lot. I went to Winter Jam last night, and I stood. You helped me realize that I’m accepted just the way I am. By the one person who truly matters, God. I am taking a stand against my bullies and they can no longer hurt me. Thanks for helping me and helping me learn that I don't need to change. Thank you for helping my life. (:


Hey Nick,
So I was at Winter Jam in Cincinnati last night, which was absolutely amazing and I decided to message you since you said that you like being in contact with people. Performing for the Lord like all those artists did, is my dream to do, and I was wondering if you could go to my Facebook and watch my videos that I have up of me singing and if you like them please let me know I would love to know. Winter Jam last night took me to a higher level in my Christianity! I got so blessed. Shania

Jerome 1549: Woke up thanking God for the day. About to get ready for church. Thanks @NickHall for leading me to the right path.

Stories from Text & Emails

I stood up for myself and accepted God.  I've gone through a lot and I just recently got out of a psychological hospital for a suicide attempt, I overdosed. I prayed after I did it and I didn't know if it was God or not but today I know it was God.

My name is Dylan, I'm 13. 


I have a friend who changed her life last Winter Jam. The thing is she used to cut herself because her parents abused her. When she came she had planned 2 kill herself. Because of you she went home and threw her knifes away.


Hey Nick,
I was wondering if you maybe knew someone who has an Estonian Bible. I want to give one to my teammate from Estonia. She knows there is something but she doesn't know what so I want her to experience the Gospel!!
Thanx, Vivian


Dear Nick Hall,


Thank you so much for this email! It’s helped me understand how I need to have more and more faith in the Lord! I love the ACTS method! Also, I wanted to share with you that I got baptized in water last Saturday, March 10th, 2012 :) I’m so happy and excited to be a brand new creation in Jesus Christ! I hope all is well with you and your amazing ministry! God Bless you!!!! 

Sincerely, Jelena  


“These are the days of revival and we need to keep going!”

On Mission,

Nick Hall

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Winter Jam weekend #12, we will roll in to Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX and Springfield, MO!  Are you guys ready for us!? Let's hear you guys raise the roof!